Chinese Food Exposed

3:39:00 PM Kelly Leronowich 5 Comments

My story starts on Friday evening when my husband and I were watching Sex in the City, well in reality I was watching Sex in the City and my husband was putting up with it, but on this particular episode the gals order Chinese takeout and they were eating out of those fancy New York style boxes and I said to my husband that I would love to do that. So he said while he was at work on Saturday if I could find a place that provided their Chinese in those boxes he would go and get it for me. Sure enough after much research I found a little Chinese takeout place outside of Calgary called the Wok Box that served their food in those NY style boxes. So after the kids were bathed my husband drove an hour one way to get me Chinese food while I put the kids to bed. I was so thrilled, it was a delightful time and I believe the food even tasted superior in those boxes. Not only was the food served in such an extraordinary way, it was delectable and my husband reported that the restaurant was a charming little shop that was clean, and with excellent service, I advise everyone to try it. We ate our Chinese right from the box while having naked TV. Which naked TV is watching TV naked and cuddling under a blanket, we try to do naked TV at least once a month and now the Wok Box is going to be our Naked TV feast!!! I suggest this for everyone as well, being exposed with your partner in an affectionate stress-free setting enhances your relationship and you will find a renewed affection for each other, it is a beneficial tradition, and it helps self confidence. So tonight order Wok Box and have some naked TV and feel like a sexy movie star, well you might not feel like a sexy movie star but it still would be cool! Also ordering Wok Box and having a couple cosmos on a girl’s night out would be entertaining too, which I am planning on doing in the future. No matter what you decide to do just give the food a try and have some fun!!!

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