Stay at home moms vs Working moms

2:04:00 PM Kelly Leronowich 5 Comments

Today I was watching the Dr Phil show about stay at home moms vs working moms and I thought this is crazy women fighting over what way is the right way; to work or not to work. Personally I feel as women we should stand together, we are all moms aren't we? And truthfully there is no manual on how to raise children, we do what our instincts tell us is best and when our children are grown that is when we will find out how we did. There are critiques in every crowd, telling us what we should or shouldn't do as mothers, but what I find particularly upsetting is we as moms are the first to criticize our fellow moms and not only do we criticize each other but we find ways to put other moms down; we brag: "Johnny" is doing so well and he is such a good kid, he so smart oh yes he walked at two days old he's so advanced, I am so lucky. And we say this well our fellow mom is trying to pull her two year old down off the curtains. Maybe just maybe we should put aside the competition and sympathize and tell the TRUTH. Yes Johnny is wonderful but remember that night long ago at 2 am when you couldn't stand his little crying face and you felt like your life was over and you were on the verge of going over the metaphorical cliff. So wouldn't it be better to say to your friend, I understand but this moment will pass and there will be many wonderful ones ahead of you I HAVE BEEN THERE TOO! So back to the debate of stay at home moms vs working moms, we do what is in our children's best interest and you fellow moms should support that, because isn't that what you are doing? If you feel you are a better mom when you are working and your child is in a high quality day care and you child is happy, well taken care of then I am sure you are doing a wonderful job. And on the other side if you feel you can not divide you attention between work and home and you are better mother when you stay home, good for you. Personally I work part time, but I am home more with my children then I am working and I feel getting out of the house away from my children does make me a better mom. But on the other hand I know moms who work too much and when they are home they are just as absent and their children suffer. Also, I know moms who stay at home and are absent from their children's lives and maybe they would be better moms if they worked. So in conclusion moms gather together and celebrate your differences, tell the truth of the ups and downs and the truth is 90% of the moms out there are doing what they feel is best! So who cares if you work or you stay at home we are all raising children and what we need is support and compassion!!!

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