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Wean Green Craze

1:32:00 PM Kelly Leronowich 2 Comments

Wean green cubes are super cute glass cubes designed to hold homemade baby food. These colourful cubes are stylish and a must have for any savvy mom! The great design makes them stackable so they are easy to carry with you and while you are feeling like a super mom for feeding you baby healthily baby food you are helping to save the environment as well!!! And clean up is easy these little gems are dishwasher safe and the lid has a lock system so no leaks!!! And just wait the news about Wean Green Cubes gets better, if your babe is grow up and passed the baby stages you can still use them: they are the perfect size for toddler snacks and they fit perfect in your purse, the grab and go snack just turned healthily and environmentally safe. Super easy for toddler fingers to open and close and you can even heat them in the microwave to warm up the food with no worries of harmful chemicals!!! The Wean Green Cubes are a wonderful heat them, freeze them, take them everywhere, smart and sexy! A must have for all moms who want healthy babies and a clean future!!

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