Mommy Smokers

3:11:00 PM Kelly Leronowich 15 Comments

I have some unfortunate news, I lost my friend today. We have been through a lot and we had some good times and I am sure we could have had many more good times, but my friend and I just aren’t good for each other. My friend`s name is Cigarillo. Yes ladies I am a mommy smoker well ex now. I know smoking is bad for you with all the arsenic and carbon monoxide and it is really expensive. But it feels so damn good. That smoke on your lips and the way it feels in your hand, that first puff feels fantastic! And Cigarillo goes so well with so many things like a good cup of coffee or beer or just a relaxing moment. Personally I think my dear friend has gotten a bad rap yeah I know basically he’s a killer but he does provide some good like he is the perfect 7 minute timer and he an excellent excuse to get away from annoying people or he lets you step outside and take a mini mental vacation when the kids are driving you nuts. Although it is regrettable that he is like that expensive friend we all have had, you know the one who always wants to go out but never has any money so every time going out ends up costing you double but you pay it because they’re so much fun to be around; that is what Cigarillo is like pricey but enjoyable to have around and it is also equally regrettable that he gives you things like COPD and Cancer in that way he is like the hot guy you and your friends use to know who gave all your friends the Clap, and in the end your on the phone with your crying girlfriend who is telling you how it was satisfying while it lasted but she wished they never hooked up. So in the end it is probably good that me a Cigarillo are no longer friends, but I am going to miss him. So now I am ex mommy smoker who wishes she was still mommy smoker but because I am human I have a rational side and my rational side will prevail and I know that I will be happy with this decision and really none of the cool kids do it anymore and now that I can breathe maybe I will take up running or with the money I save from smoking maybe I will go to Mexico where I can sun tan, lie on the beach and drink margaritas and smokes are really cheap down there....nothing counts in Mexico!!!

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