An Extraordinary Idea

12:34:00 PM Kelly Leronowich 2 Comments

William Shakespeare wrote: “And this above all unto thine own self be true and it shall follow as the day the night - thou can'st not then be false to any man.” He certainly hit the nail on the head with that one, what wonderful advice. So simple yet poetic, basically be true to you. But no us humans can’t be that way we try day after day to mold ourselves into what society wants us to be. You see it all around you: the teenage girl who much rather be playing in the mud, but does she do this no she conforms to what she believes a girl should be doing; she works hard to fit in and this patterns continues throughout her life, you will see it again when she’s dating, or try to pick a college and again when she is a mother and she is constantly plagued with guilt because she feels she is inferior to all the other mothers and so what does she do. She works relentlessly trying to be what she thinks the world around her wants her to be ignoring who she is and what she wants and believes. You don’t see this kind of insanity with animals a dog is a dog he sleeps because he is tried, he eats when he is hungry, plays when he is playful; he is happy being his cute doggy self he doesn’t look at the dog next door and think ‘I better start acting like a better dog’. But in the human world throughout our life we work very hard on being “normal” and doing what we believe other people think we should be doing. I wonder what it would be like to act extraordinarily uncommon would it be a breath of fresh air, I think it would be freeing. I am unsure as to why we all want to be alike, God created us as individuals we are his finest creation and really did he intend on having a band of identical instruments strumming the same tune, I certainly hope not how incredibly boring. We are all unique instruments playing our own tune in the musical called life. But so often we do not like our music and the neighbors sounds so much better so we stay up at night working and pondering try to ‘Keep up with the Jones’ so to speak. We put pressure on our kids, husband and everyone around us to be “normal” because we don’t want to be embarrassed by our husbands acting goofy or our kids being different or our slow mother talking to complete strangers about her breakfast. So instead of letting our husbands act absurdly foolish and laughing with him, or letting your kids wear mix matched shoes or enjoying the slow pace of your mom we criticize and force the people around us to act appropriate and in the end we are not happy and well adjusted all we have achieved is stress and resentful feeling. So instead of trying to fit in we should embrace the eccentricities around us, we should let our hair down put on a feather boa or floppy hat and stop try to be ordinary because acting like a normal person is exhausting let’s try to be true to ourselves and play our unique instrument loudly exclaiming to world that I am wonderfully extraordinary!!!

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