Take time for you self

11:50:00 AM Kelly Leronowich 2 Comments

Mothers remember back to those days when you could sleep all day and no one care much less noticed and a warm cup of coffee you just took for granted. Life was easy, care free, and simple. Then one day this little person comes into your life and says "not only can you not sleep in I want you to get up every two hours and yes I think you can enjoy cold coffee my needs are much greater then yours". And then as a mother this crazy, slept deprived life becomes normal and oh how you love it! But some days you lay in bed and you can hear that baby crying and you think back to those simple days, but because you are a wonderful breed; a mother you happily with sleep in your eyes go make a bottle. Perhaps it is through sleeplessness we find out how strong we really are. But every mothers no matter how strong needs a break, you can only be everything to everyone for so long before you need to call up your girlfriend and go let your hair down! Every mother can relate to those days when everything is driving you crazy your kids are getting into everything and your husband is trying to help but to no avail is just getting under you feet and forcing you to have visions of strangling him. Now ladies listen up you've all been there, so instead of throwing in the dish towel and buying a one way ticket to Mexico call up your dearest friend and go out for drinks or get your hair done find that sexy carefree self you used to be, the key is to relax. I like to call this a mini vacation from reality. Trust me gals it will make you a better mother well, actually it will make you a better person because no one likes you when your on the edge. Then after this mini vacation when you get home you will feel refreshed revived and at peace and then tomorrow you can wake up and go back to your old ways of cold coffee and picking up toys, but for today you can just simply be you and think of you. Women so often get caught up in that tangled web of lies that tells you because you are a mom you can never think of your self, and true most of the time you can't think of yourselves but every now again you can, well you have to! Yes your life is now crazy, and unglamourous and down right hard work, but those sweet faces and little giggles make it worth while. So ladies tonight tuck those babies in bed run your self a bubble bath, pour a glass of wine, relax and live in the moment and remember your life is wonderful and full of joy.

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