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I recently had the opportunity to review some products from Procter and Gamble and wow I am impressed. They provide excellent products to get your home company ready for the holidays.

The Swifter Duster is excellent for getting rid of all the dust in your home, it even gets into the hard to reach places and it is superior for dusting electronics. When company arrives if you use this there will be no unsightly dust bunnies!!!

Febreze has done it again; they have new holiday scents out guaranteed to make your home smell delightful! Febreze fabric spray in limited edition cranberries and frost makes all the fabric surfaces in your home smell refreshed and I rate it a 10 out of 10. And to make your home smell even better use Febreze limited edition cranberries and frost Air Effects. You just spray it in the air and it doesn’t just fall to the ground like some room sprays it stays in the air and actually eliminates all odours these two will make your home smell like the holidays!!

And for those out of the way places like a guest bedroom or your hallway use Febreze noticeable in cranberry caramel apple. These plug-ins have a night light so they light the way for your guest and the scent alternates so you always smell the scent and it will make your room or hallway smell delightful and bring back memories of all the wonderful Christmas smells from your past like fresh baking in the oven

And to polish and clean all your surfaces like your counters, sinks and floors use Mr Clean with Febreze scent in meadows rain. These cleaners will leave all your hard surfaces clean, shiny and with a fresh clean scent.

And after dinner use Cascade all in one action pacs for your dishwasher. These little packs are full of cleaning power, they do it all pre-soak, wash, scrub and leave your dishes sparkling and clean you will not be disappointed!!
And for all your pots and pans use Dawn plus power scrubbers. The dish soap does all the work for you no need to spend hours scrubbing, this will cut through the grease and lift off all the grim all the while it keeps your hands soft and won’t dry out your skin!!!

Finally don’t forget to light a Febreze candle before your guest arrive these candles expand out and will fill your house full of wonderful scent. You can use limited edition winter evening and warmth for a refreshing clean scent or for a relaxing pine scent that smells identical to pine trees burning limited edition Evergreen and snow.

So hurry up and head to the store and buy all these products I was lucky enough to try because they will make you home company ready for the holidays or any occasion, I know I will continue using them!!!

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