10 New Year’s resolutions for Real Parents.

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It has been sometime since my last post and I could give you a lot of excuses but truthfully I have chosen to do other things, but given that the dawn of a new decade is approaching I thought it is time to put some words down. And taking into consideration this exciting new decade I thought I would make a list of my 10 new year’s resolutions for real parents.

1. I will make my resolutions Achievable. News year’s resolutions are overrated; you make a list of unachievable plans that will make you happier, prettier and less stressed. This year I am going to make my plans doable and set a lower standard for myself! Achievable.

2. I will not be so hard on myself. If I fail or don’t measure up to those invisible people’s standard (you know that group of people we call “them” or “they”) No one knows who they are but they still make us feel like failures. I will use my setbacks as a learning experience. And when I find myself comparing to others or berating myself I will frolic with my kids, just try to be hard on yourself while frolicking I challenge you to try this. Achievable

3. I will be more patient with my children. Sweet angelic faces that warm your heart and make you smile most of the time, and then there are those days that you would sell them to the first person that came along. When I feel that bubbling of impatience I will tackle my kids and tickle them till laughter takes its place, if that doesn’t work I will drink wine! Achievable

4. I will watch less T.V. Research has proven that while we watch TV are brains mimic being a sleep and aren’t active, so I have decide that I want and active brain so instead of letting my brain snooze I will curl up with a good book or my knitting in my bed and relax there and work my brain, no one wants a lazy brain and my puppy prefers the bed anyways! Achievable

5. I will make decision and stick to them. I am going to take charge make one decision and stand by it, or maybe I’ll just call my mom. Mothers do know best, after all they are older and wiser. Achievable

6. I will pay attention to my body. I will sleep when I am tired, eat when Iam hungry, when I am full I will stop, I will drink less wine and more water. (most days). Achievable

7. I will make mistakes. This is the best resolution; now say it out loud “This year I will make mistakes.” Being human which I cannot change means I am going to make mistakes and that’s ok and I am not going to scold myself instead I will scold my puppy while giving him a belly rub! Achievable

8. I will spend less money. I have what I need and I don’t need more, I will not be sucked in by the fancy commercials or human desire. I will be happy with what I have and I will be less stressed and have more time for the things that matter. And when I feel tempted to go shopping I will drink wine so I can’t drive anywhere. Achievable

9. I will worry less and laugh more. Things have a way of working out, no point in worry. Worry is like a rocking chair keeps you busy but gets you no where. So when I feel those old anxious feelings coming I will take a deep breath and shake my behind to good music. (Important info for life: you cannot worry, be angry or be sad when shaking your behind especially when you are doing it with a 2 and 3 year old!) Achievable

10. I will lose weight. This is the most common resolution everybody wants to lose weight so I plan to lose 20 pounds. My plan is to exercise and eat when my body tells me see #6. I will make a good effort to eat more veggies, and I will only weight myself twice this year once in Jan and once in Dec. And only with the January weigh in I will hold my toddler. Achievable

Life is too important to waste being stressed, live simpler, love more, laugh often!

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