One of Those Days!

3:59:00 PM Kelly Leronowich 2 Comments

So it is 7:00am she’s out of bed and ready to go. I personally am out of bed but not so ready to go! Well maybe I would like to go make a cup of coffee but she exclaims “I need shoes!!” I think who needs shoes at 7:00am, but she doesn’t care what time it is she just needs shoes and not any shoes she needs the red shoes with the sparkles. And just my luck I can only find one of them so now the search is on.... so I am looking near and far and wondering where could a little red shoe go? And behind me I can hear “Mommy shoe please” and I am think ‘Mommy coffee please’! So finally we find the shoe but now I hear a little voice saying “I need a hat” and so we walk over to the hats and she ponders over which one she would like to wear today and this seems to take oh about 10 years, but at last she decides and she puts her hat on and looks up and smiles and I smile back, and I think hooray we have our hat, our shoes, now mommy can have coffee! As I am pouring my first cup I hear a little voice “Mommy dress please”. So I put down my cup and we walk into the bedroom and I take off her jammies and she contemplates over what dress she would like to wear. I suggest a few but my suggestion is met with a loud “NO!” finally she decides!!! And again she looks up and smiles, I smile back and give her a kiss and I look over at her brother and like every good male he looks up at me with a little giggle and goes back to play with his toys and I am sure he is thinking “You look fine let’s go eat!!” and she seems to agree too so she gets her baby and runs into the living room to play. Finally I get my coffee and as I am drinking I daydream of a way to event a machine that can create the energy of a two year old. Just think if we had that kind of energy how productive we would be!!! I could sell my machine for “One Million Dollars” and then I’d be rich!! Unfortunately my million dollar fantasy is ended with a loud bang and a crying little boy. I rush into the living room to find my little boy with his tooth through his lip and his mouth is pouring blood, I scoop him up and ask my lovely daughter what happened and she tells me “ I pushed him, he touch my baby”. So I send her to the couch and now she is screaming because she figured that pushing someone’s head into the coffee table is an appropriate way to handle someone touching your baby. I clean up my little boy and his wound isn’t that bad and now he is smiling and laughing, I think he will live. My lovely daughter then comes over and says sorry; she must have decided maybe that wasn’t so nice! I look over at the clock and it says 8:00 am, I think umm... maybe I shouldn’t have asked God for patience and my last thought is if God always gives you opposite of what you ask then tomorrow I am going to ask to be poor!!

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