Thoughtful Tuesdays

3:12:00 PM Kelly Leronowich 3 Comments

For most people life is frantic, we have to do lists that realistically will take us years to complete and as one item gets crossed off a new item is added. And we Moms wear this to do list like a badge of honour. We feel if we are busy, then we are productive and perfectionism is more valued then anything. Every mom is striving to be perfect because if we have perfect kids, a perfect husband, a perfect house and we are little perfect people then we have done something right. Daily we drive ourselves crazy with our to do lists and we run about from task to task without putting thought or feeling into anything we do. And God forbid our children throw a tantrum or someone drops by when the house is less then clean. We want everyone to believe life is perfect and we can do everything in heels and with a smile. And then when we do get a small break we get together with our mom friends and brag about how busy we are and imply that if you are not living a frantic life then you are doing something wrong! What happened to the phrase stop and smell the roses! Today I want every mom out there to set that do list a side, don't worry it will still be there tomorrow. And my wish for you today is to enjoy life and to:

To Dance like know one is watching

Belly laugh everyday.

Walk barefoot outside.

Take a moment to admire Gods finest creation.

Create your own unique style because you are a special person.

Reach for the stars, they are closer then you think.

Take a breath and listen to the music.

And stop and look at the beauty on this earth.

Time is a wheel is constant motion always going forward never going back, don't let time pass you by and wonder where the years went. Being happy and productive is not how busy we are but how at peace we are. Don’t measure the quality of your life by the length of your to do list, take time to enjoy your life. Instead of worrying about the dust gathering on the shelves, sit down and play in the dirt with your kids; the dust can wait but your kids can’t!!! If you died tomorrow I am certain you won’t be saying "gee I sure wished I accomplished more on my to do list!” So live like your dying and enjoy every minute of today!!!!

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