Baby Steps

1:35:00 PM Kelly Leronowich 1 Comments

I find it amazing to watch your baby grow and develop, each new milestone he accomplishes bring joy yet saddness. As you watch him grow you know soon he will no longer be a baby. He will soon be a toddler, then a little boy then one day far to soon in the future a man. I look forward to our late night cuddles and comforting him when he crys; I wish he could stay and baby longer. Today we take baby steps together, I watch him walk away from me. As he learns to walk I learn to withstand all my fears about what's ahead for him along lifes way. He trips over a toy and crys out for me, my heart leaps and he lets me hold him for a brief moment before he breaks away and tries again. Then he turns awkardly to search for my face of approval, only to tumble again, and this time he giggles and I smile. As he grows and reaches new milestones and develops into the person he will be one day; I think back to that day when his tiny hand wraped around mine for the first time. I watched him sleep and prayed that he would never let go. Each day that has passed since we first met I have joined in the angel's applause of the gift I have been given, I have memorized every detail from his nose to toes and I hope he will always know love, and as I promised then and I still promise today I will hold his hand, craddle his heart, and lead him down a path that is good and true and I hope he will always know he is the best part of me. Today we take baby steps together and I am overcome with joy of who he has become and I am remined to enjoy all the moments of today because time does not stand still.

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