11:21:00 PM Kelly Leronowich 3 Comments

I find it amazing how two year olds work and oh how they have changed since birth. When they were born they were this cute, little easygoing bundle of joy and today although still cute and joyful their behavior is well manic. If we adults behaved like a two year old we would be locked up and the key thrown away. Let me elaborate: today she is full of kisses, hugs and loves. Her favorite place is on my lap and all she wants to do is cuddle, but then tomorrow her favorite word is no and mine (seriously how can everything be yours?) she has a clear plan in her head of what she wants to do and if you get in the way she has no problem throwing herself on the floor and screaming because for some reason she feels this will work ( although it never does). But I don't worry to much because tomorrow this little person who some what resembles a crazy person will be as sweet as candy! So can you imagine yourself behaving this way!!! Although truthfully I think sometimes it would be nice to act like were two, maybe even just for a day. Imagine your at the grocery store and someone takes the last can of formula and you feel it is okay to yell "NO" and take it back because it is yours and if your boss denies your vacation time surely throwing yourself on his office floor screaming will achieve your goal ( well that actually might work). And the sweetest part of being two is going home and saying to your mom I just want to cuddle and she wraps you in a blanket and this is where you can relax for the rest of the day. See people would think you lost your marbles if you were acting like that. But two year olds are who they are and I am sure glad we outgrow the acting like we are crazy phase, imagine the chaos the world would be in if we all were that free spirited and stubborn but on the other hand the world could use more of the sweetness, unconditional love, carefree attitude and imagination of a two year old. So moms if we should learn anything from our toddlers we should learn how to smile and laugh more, to love harder and to get more joy out of all things and to see old things as new and to play. So today we should be nicer, and compliment a stranger and maybe even turn clouds into shapes, take your shoes off and dance in the streets enjoy life and act like your two!!!!

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