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I believe that a baby that sleeps well is a happy baby and a happy baby is a happy mom and a happy home. Which I am sure you all are saying yes I agree, but what baby sleeps well? Well I am here to hopefully get you on your way to a good nights sleep!!So lets get started: The first and most important thing is a routine. In order for your baby to sleep well at bedtime and nap time you need a routine; this routine may include a bath, book, story and snack, or anything you choose. Design your own routine to fit your life. It doesn't really matter what your routine is, it is just important that you have one and you do it at the same time and in the same order each time you are trying to get your child asleep. Also, your sleep routine should not take more the 1 hour!! The purpose of this routine is that it cues your child that it is time to go to sleep, this is both psychological and physiological reaction. So starting today if you child is 5 days old or 5 years old develop a routine. Next you need an appropriate bedtime this time should be no earlier then 6:30 pm and no later then 8:00 pm, this is you child`s natural sleep window and your child should sleep about 10 to 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep *If your child is older then 4 months* (younger babies need to still feed in the night). And your child should nap at regular times throughout the day. If your child is 1 month to 12 months they need 3-4 hours made up in one to two naps a day and 12 months to 3 years your child should have a 2-4 hour nap a day. Length and time depends on your child`s age and sleep needs. Use sleep cues such as rubbing eyes, cranky, dark eye circles etc... to determine when to nap your child. Also your child should be in their own crib or bed in a quiet dark room. In order for your child to sleep well they have to self soother. Self soothing should be one of first thing you teach them. It is VERY important for you child to self soother they will use these soothing techniques for life. So in order for your child to self soother you have to stop soothing them. I warn you if your child is older then four months you are going to have a rough couple of nights, but it will be worth it, trust me! The sleep well steps are: do your sleep routine, then make sure you child is comfortable, warm and in a quite dark room and then lay them down in their crib or bed and shut the door. Don't use mobiles or soothers or any other device tohelp your child sleep, if fact these devices only steal their sleep and trust me in long run using them will be harder on you and your child. After you do these steps expect that your child will try and not go to sleep but you have to be firm and if they get out of bed then escort them back to bed; DON'T stop for stories or cookies or milk or pees just bring them back to bed and tell them that it is time to sleep. DO NOT give in this will only set you back further. If your baby is crying then let them cry for up to 10 minute. Your baby can cry safely for up to 10 minutes before you should go in and assess their needs again, but remember don't give in. The last and final step is not to make your house super quiet your child can sleep through normal household noise, if you make you house quite and turn off phone ringers or doorbells or other noise makers your child will get use to the quiet and every little noise will wake them and steal their sleep. I hope this helps all you sleepless moms, be strong and follow this plan and you can have your sleep back!!!

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