22 Days Left The Challenge Goes On!

11:02:00 PM Kelly Leronowich 1 Comments

Sorry it has been a while since my last update on the Grace challenge. I am finding this more challenging then I thought but challenging ourselves is how we enhanced ourselves and I am feeling increasing joy from this challenge and I do believe I am becoming a nicer person and I progressively more benevolent; so all in all this challenge is proving to do good in my life and hopefully in others as well. Back to my challenges, my day of appreciation went favourably l, I found the more grateful I was the more people did for me and they happier they seemed. I asked my husband is a nonchalant way if saying the word “I would appreciate if you did...” or “thank-you I am grateful for what you did” made a difference in how he felt and he stated that everybody likes to feel they are appreciated and it does encourage you to do better quality of work. I also found the best part about saying thank-you I appreciate what you did is people seem to beam from the inside when you said those words, I do believe I am going to try and incorporate expressing my appreciation in the future it is such a simple way to begin to make the world a better place and even baby steps make a difference. So for two more challenges for Wednesday and Thursday I am going to so an enemy kindness a gift of mercy and give someone the gift of time. “God has given me this day to use it as I will. I can waste it - or use it for good, but what I do today is important, because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.!” [Heartsill Wilson]

Prayer for Mercy

Help me Jesus, that what I ask of You - I will give to others - Mercy, both in deed and word

Help me, O Lord, that my eyes may be merciful, so that I may never suspect or judge others, but always look for what is beautiful and good in my neighbour

Help me, that my ears may be merciful, so that I may give heed to others' needs and not be indifferent to their pain

Help me, O Lord, that my tongue may be merciful, so that I should never speak wrongly of others, but have a word of comfort and forgiveness for all

Help me, O Lord, that my hands may be merciful and filled with good deeds so that I may do only good to others and try to take upon myself the more difficult and toilsome tasks

Help me, that my feet may be merciful, so that I may hurry to assist others, overcoming my own fatigue and weariness with Your love and mercy.


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