27 Days Left

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For my third challenge I contacted my aunt who I haven't talked to for 13 years, other members of my family have tried to fix the relationship but I have not. I thought that she was the one who cut off all contact, so if she wanted to reunite our relationship then she would make the first move, but as an act of grace I emailed her and invited her to my Valentine’s Day party on Saturday. As of today I have not heard anything back from her so I don't have a lot to report, but I do feel good that I contacted her. Forgiveness has a way of washing your soul and spirit and making you feel uplifted. I hope she reaches back because mended fences are better than broken ones. I will update you later when I have more information. The next challenge is I want you to call your local nursing home and set up a time to be a friendly visitor, if you can go visit tomorrow then even better and try to pick a patient that doesn’t receive a lot of visitors. Good Luck and God Bless.

Loving God ,

there are times in each life

when there is no one .

no one with whom to share

a word ,

a laugh ,

a sad remembrance ,

a gentle touch ,

a fond embrace ,

a kiss of love .

bless each one who suffers

from such loneliness .

enrich life with a friend

or gentle stranger

who will spend a moment


and loving .

in those times

Your love shines through ,

the world is reborn ,

and Christ is known .

so be it !

amen .

by Vienna Cobb Anderson

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