28 Days Left and Lesson to be learned

8:26:00 PM Kelly Leronowich 2 Comments

Challenge number two done, 28 days to go!!! For this challenge I thought I would be friend a man I see walking every day, always alone and always at the same time. I thought this would be rather effortless because I know when he is out walking and he always looks friendly, but to my shock he wasn’t there today and in a mystified I said to God “now what”? But God always has a plan and after that unfortunate incident I went to my Mom’s and as I was driving there I passed by a little white and blue house. Since I can remember the same lady has lived there “the Cat Lady” is what we as children so fondly called her and we all believed she was the town witch!! And if any of you have ever lived in a small town you know that every town has a town witch, and she was ours. Now as an adult I don’t believe in witches anymore but still she is out of the ordinary. So as I passed by that house I got a feeling that she was the person I was to befriend, the nobody, and I said to God “really?” I have never even been close to her front for the fear of being turned into a rat or frog or something, but God replied “Yes” So my rational side of me knew that this lady was just a quiet outsider, not a witch just a regular human, so I took a deep breath and put my foot on her property. As I knocked on the door I felt almost certain that when she opened the door she would turn me into a frog or maybe steal my bones right from out of my skin leaving me a helpless pile of skin, I could hear my heart racing in my ears, but I knocked and waited and when she opened the door, she didn’t steal my bones she was just a regular lady. So I said to her my named and I told her that I have lived in this town my whole life and it occurred to me that we have never met and I gave her a small heart shaped dish full of cinnamon hearts. She looked at me with bright blue eyes, that were gentle and thoughtful and through her wrinkles and bushy hair you could see that this is kind person. She smiled and told me “My name is Glenda...nice to meet you.” And in my head I laughed thinking like the good witch. I walked away from that house no longer afraid, and I hoped that today would remain a wonderful day and full of blessings for this lady that the world has forgotten!! This challenge was a delightful challenge that brought me back in time and it let me see how harsh children can be and how as adults at times we hold on to our childhood notions and those notions may hold us back from making wonderful connections!! So this leads to Challenge number three: Make contact with a person that you have lost contact with and that you may blame for this relationship dissolving.

Lord Jesus, you are the source of all love and goodness. You have created us to love and be loved and you have given us our family, friends and loved ones to experience this love. I come to you now humbly asking for healing as I suffer now because of a broken relationship. Grant me, Lord, the grace of true forgiveness, to let go of all my bitterness, anger and buried resentments and choose to forgive even if it hurts. I ask that you grant me the grace of humility to ask forgiveness, too, for my own mistakes and for patience and perseverance to keep on in this journey towards reconciliation despite the challenges and trials along the way. Lord, you know all things, you can do all things and you love me as you also love (name of person). Touch our heart with your power that can heal all damaged relationships and bring reconciliation realizing the importance of being at peace with ourselves and others. Let all blaming ease and let each person see things from your point of view and through your eyes of love. Let your love break down all dividing walls and barriers, restore this damaged relationship and lead us to seek and follow your will and divine plan for our lives. Let joy rest in our hearts once again.

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